Hail Godrich! — ‘Ok Computer’ or ‘Kid A’?

It’s time to settle an issue that has been dividing music fans for a long time. It’s a sensitive topic among a certain fan base that has sometimes gotten out of control. Similar to politics and religion, it shouldn’t be talked about at the dinner table. It’s an issue where if even President Trump chose … More Hail Godrich! — ‘Ok Computer’ or ‘Kid A’?

How Beck Established his Genre-Bending Legacy on ‘Mutations’

In 1998, it seemed that there was more to Beck than his “slacker” rapping pounding Generation X anthem “Loser.” In 1996, Beck released his supreme second official studio album, Odelay, which many consider his best album, launching him into being one of the greatest artists from the 1990s. Like Beck’s previous album, Mellow Gold (1994), it was an album … More How Beck Established his Genre-Bending Legacy on ‘Mutations’