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The Who Sell Out is the first conceptual album from the Who in 1967 –  presenting elements of psychedelia and pop in a collection of songs with ironic humorous adverts and public service announcements in between. The funny thing here, is the Who were actually recording commercials during this period and you can find many of them as bonus tracks on the album. The album cover depicts members of the Who advertising products, in which they sing jingles of, such as “Odorono” and “Medac.” The Who alluded to this style when they recorded the original “Batman” theme and Jan and Dean’s “Bucket T” on the Ready Steady Who EP. This is the first true Who album – there are no R&B covers – it’s the album that embraces Pete Townsend’s intellectual and satirical side. It includes some of the most brilliant Who tracks such as the sweet, but deviant “Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand,” the hilarious rooty-tootin “Tattoo,” and the guitar wrenching “I Can See For Miles.” The final track, “Rael” is the precursor (consisting of certain chordal musical sections) to what the Who would accomplish on their next concept album, the legendary Tommy (1969). There is also a bonus track entitled, “Glittering Girl” showing similar chords to “I’m Free.” You don’t hear much about these songs as you do other Who songs. Really the only one, which is recognizable to the common radio listener (sadly, not the Who radio ads) or Who fan is “I Can See For Miles.” However, it’s really the deeper cuts such as “Silas Stingy,” written and sung by bassist, John Entwistle and the power pop classic “I Can’t Reach You” that makes the album appealing. The Who Sell Out doesn’t receive the acclaim like Tommy or Who’s Next, but damn, this is pirate radio at its finest.

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