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Joseph Massaro, is an aspiring and thriving writer, who mainly focuses on writing about music and pop culture. Currently, he writes for his blog, Joe’s Pocket, but soon hopes to breakthrough and write somewhere more mainstream.

Joe Massaro and musician, Ron Gallo, after his show at the Bug Jar in Rochester, NY. Circa Nov. 2017.

He is 20 years old and still in college. Even though sometimes his school work will get in the way of his blog, he tries his best to not allow that and focus at least on one album a day. He became interested in music journalism in the tenth grade, when he heard the Records’ debut album, Shades in Bed (1979). He couldn’t believe how underappreciated the band, their album, and the power pop scene in the late seventies/early eighties was to the public.

He graduated from high school in 2016, at Red Jacket and attended Monroe Community College soon after. He studied there for two years, where he earned an associates degree in Communications and Media Studies. He is transferring to the College of Brockport in the Fall of 2018, to earn a bachelors degree in Journalism and Broadcasting. He also plans on minoring in History. He hopes one day to write for SPIN or Stereogum.

His favorite things consist of:

  • Watching reruns of Seinfeld and South Park. 
  • Running and going on far walks with his dog.
  • Ultimate frisbee.
  • Collecting records, Star Wars figures, and memorabilia.
  • Watching “corny” classic horror movies and other flicks.
  • Favorite artists include: Spoon, the Strokes, the Beach Boys, the Who, Pavement, Beck, David Bowie, and Devo.
  • Some of his favorite movies include:  Frankenstein (1931), A Clockwork Orange, American Psycho, The Darjeeling Limited, I Shot Jesse James, and Baby Driver. 
Joe Massaro’s cat, Hobbes, with the best snorkeling album around.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (585)-469-8179                                           

Email: massaroj07@gmail.com