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Joseph Massaro, is an aspiring and thriving writer, who mainly focuses on writing about music and pop culture. Currently I write for my blog, Joe’s Pocket, but soon hope to write somewhere more mainstream such as Stereogum or SPIN.

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Ron Gallo and I after his show at the Bug Jar in Rochester, NY. Circa November 2017.

I am 20 years old and still in college and even though sometimes my school work will get in the way of my blog, I try to not let it and focus at least on one album, movie, or television show a week. I graduated from high school in 2016 and attended Monroe Community College in 2016. I am studying there for two years to of course save money and then transferring to the University of Syracuse for another two years, to continue my degree in journalism.

My favorite things consist of:

  • Watching reruns of Seinfeld and South Park. 
  • Running 5ks. I hope to become one of those badass old man runners in the future.
  • Record hunting and collecting.
  • Watching corny classic horror movies.
  • My favorite artists are Spoon, the Beach Boys, The Who, Pavement, and Beck.
  • My favorite movies are Frankenstein (1931), A Clockwork Orange, American Psycho, The Darjeeling Limited, and I Shot Jesse James.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (585) 469-8179                                           

Email: massaroj07@gmail.com