Thurston Moore Hashish

Thurston Moore is back with a new song called “Hashish,” which will serve as the opening track to his forthcoming album By the Fire, out September 25 via his Daydream Library Series label.

“Hashish” is a shimmering psychedelic wall of sound that’s filled with a rush of hypnotic jangly guitars and Moore’s casually melodic vocals. According to a press release, the lead single is “an ode to the narcotic of love in our shared responsibility to each other during isolation.” The single will also be released on a cannabis-shaped green colored 7″ vinyl later this year.

By the Fire will be Moore’s first solo work since the highly transportive Rock n Roll Consciousness from 2017. Moore describes the songs as “love songs in a time where creativity is our dignity, our demonstration against the forces of oppression,” he says. “By The Fire is a gathering, a party of peace — songs in the heat of the moment.” The album features contributions from the Thurston Moore Group, that consists of: Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley, My Bloody Valentine’s bassist Deb Googe and Nøught guitarist James Sedwards. It will also feature Negativeland’s Jon Leidecker on electronics and Jem Doulton on additional drums, which both have contributed to Moore’s other recent musical projects.

The announcement of By the Fire and release of “Hashish” follow a string of one-off singles from Moore over the last few months on his Bandcamp, including Chelsea Light Moving’s “Sunday Stage,” TMG’S “May Daze” and his nine-minute instrumental venture “Strawberry Moon.”

Check out the single’s hazy music video below, along with the album’s tracklist.


By the Fire Tracklist:

  1. Hashish
  2. Cantaloupe
  3. Breath
  4. Siren
  5. Calligraphy
  6. Locomotives
  7. Dreamers Work
  8. They Believe in Love (When They Look at You)
  9. Venus