WATCH OUT: This Man Doesn’t Like One of the Greatest Albums of All Time

Andrew Spencer, 19, doesn’t like the Velvet Underground’s classic 1970 album, Loaded, and guess what?

He doesn’t care what you have to say about it.

In a viral thread on the beloved Lou Reed and VU Bananaposting Facebook page, Spencer wrote, “It’s the band exerting the least possible amount of potential to put out an album of ‘hits’. It has essentially none of the creativity of the first two albums, much less the first three.”

This caused quite a concern among fellow shitposters of the page and even went so far that Doug Yule, a talented musician who joined the VU in 1968, after replacing John Cale, was brought into discussion and received nothing, but unpleasant comments from Spencer.

“He marked the downturn in quality for the band,” writes Spencer, showing his utter disgust with Yule.

Spencer is a big fan of the first two VU albums (The Velvet Underground and Nico, White Light/White Heat), which both featured John Cale and not Yule, thus Spencer’s hate isn’t surprising. Especially, since he traveled hours to see Cale perform in New York City last year.

The problem isn’t that Spencer hates Yule, but it’s fact that he doesn’t like how the VU went a different direction in 1970 and had a change in sound, after a prominent member of the group left.

When something like this happens to a band, they have no choice, but to seek a different style. And since those first two records weren’t successful in the mainstream, when they were released, why not seek a more radio-friendly sound?

Spencer think’s he’s so hip with his boots and banana shirt dividing and mocking fans, who enjoy music that doesn’t sound like a vacuum cleaner sucking Spotify ads like this.

Nonetheless, this isn’t Spencer’s opinion at all.

Yes, he prefers the first albums compared to Loaded, but he only did this to piss off fans of the album and probably attract depressed females, who sit around Pinterest all day.

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After being exposed to millions, Spencer fleed to New York City, most likely to the Brooklyn Museum to seek guidance from a bunch of David Bowie mannequins.

If you see this man, please hand him a copy of Loaded and tell him in an ugly British accent, to fuck you, Loaded is a great VU album and then throw a copy of their last studio album, Squeeze (1973), which is literally a Doug Yule solo album, in his face, until he cries.

This is how you defeat madmen like him.

andy dead

Maybe people would rather listen to some good ol’ rock and roll, rather than a spoken word about poor old Waldo Jeffers, who had no insight.

Cool it down Andy, and have fun.



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