The featured image above displays how record collectors and Beach Boys fans greeted record stores Feb. 9,  when Capitol Records release a limited split translucent yellow and green 130-gram LP of Pet Sounds, via Capitol Records/UMe. You can also purchase the limited edition LP on The Sound of Vinyl.

When Pet Sounds was first released by Capitol in 1966, Capitol put out the first Beach Boys compilation record, due to how poorly Pet Sounds performed on the charts compared to previous albums. In 1995, Pet Sounds topped MOJO‘s special list of “The Greatest Albums of All Time” and in 2003, Rolling Stone ranked it at No. 2 of the magazine’s list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time.” Little do people know, the Beach Boys are just as prominent and influential as the Beatles.

The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds released in a limited colored vinyl LP edition by Capitol/UMe.