Last May, author, Lizzy Goodman, caused controversy in her book, Meet Me in the Bathroom: Rebirth and Rock and Roll in New York City 2001–2011. In the book, she interviewed bands from the New York City Rock scene from the early 2000’s, including: the Strokes, Interpol, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. There was a lot of disclosure and surprising statements throughout the book, like the apparent feud between the Strokes and Ryan Adams. This all started directly to Adams’ alleged influence and push towards Albert Hammond Jr., Strokes guitarist, heroin addiction. Hammond was interviewed in a chapter stating,

Ryan Adams (Left) and Julian Casablancas (Right)

“I remember Julian threatening to beat Ryan up if he hung out with me, as a protective thing. He’d heard that Ryan would come and give me heroin, so he was just like, ‘If you come to my apartment again with heroin, I’m going to kick your ass.'” Speaking with Matt Wilkinson on Beats 1 on Tuesday, Casablancas mentioned Adams, saying how he doesn’t care about it anymore. During the interview, Casablancas said “I might have been the one that did it so I don’t know, because you just speak in an interview, but I just feel like I wouldn’t blame him for anything anyone else did.” Casablancas also talked about the new book, by objecting it. “I think that there was a lot of not insiders, talking as insiders. They didn’t interview my wife who was basically The Strokes co-manager for 10 years. They didn’t even interview her and they interviewed other people – I’m just not super down with the book.” Casablancas also went on to talk about the upcoming Voidz album, Virtue, due for Mar. 30. The Voidz released two new singles, entitled “Leave It In My Dreams” and “QYURRYUS.” Both tracks are a clear return to the Voidz’ electronic neo-psychedelia style on their past debut, Tyranny. It’s also reminiscent to the surreal voice effects Casablancas’s incorporated on the past two Strokes releases. Take a listen to the new tracks below.