Tyga Joins the List of Controversial Album Artwork

Tyga, released on his Instagram page, the cover artwork for his upcoming album, Kyoto. It confused many and lets just say, it didn’t sit well with some. The album art features an illustration of a reclining human-like tiger woman in the nude, with her underwear down. The cover was designed by Japanese graphic artist, Hajime Sorayama, best known for his sexual depictions of metallic female robots (i.e. Bio Mechanoid Marilyn Monroe). In the comment section of the post, you can see fans greeting it as “beautiful” and “dope,” while others see it as: “sexist,” “terrible,” and some have even recgonized it as a pioneer of “furry porn.” Tyga defended the artwork, in an interview with TMZ, stating “I think it’s lit. It’s art man.” Tyga later posted a picture of Sorayama, holding the artwork, thanking him for capturing “the essence with a beautiful & truthful piece.”

In 1966, the Beatles released the butcher cover art for their album, Yesterday and Today, which essentially kicked off the start of controversial album artwork. This was followed by many artists including: Blind Faith, Jimi Hendrix, Scorpions, Guns N’ Roses, Kanye West, and even the fictional band, Spinal Tap. And now, Tyga now joins the club of bizarre and “offensive” album artwork. View Kyoto‘s cover art below.



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