Shine a Light on Your Police’s Synchronicty Vinyl Copy

Three years ago, I was visiting a local comic book store that also sells vinyls. I was casually searching through the low-priced section, which mostly consisted of old and worn out copies of Moody Blues albums and if you got lucky, there would be some interesting new wave or power pop albums. After searching through several bins of records, the owner of the store came towards me and in a hasty manner, searched through the bin next to me. He pulled out a copy of the Police’s fifth and final studio album, Synchronicty (1983). He took record itself out and shined it to the light above us and uttered in gratification. He then told me that some original pressings of Synchronicty were pressed on a nontransparent colored record, such as bluish-purple, which you can only see when holding it up to a light. I was intrigued and looked up everything I could about it. I came across this forum discussion, posted by David Loyd. Loyd stated in his post, how supposedly there are some very rare red, gold and baby-blue copies out there as well. Check your copy to see if it matches the copy I recently purchased for only $6.00 below.

If Mine is not as Clear, View the one Below.
Posted by skadaddy

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