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P!nk’s new album, Beautiful Trauma, channels the cliché she has been expressing throughout her career, with times of her maturity and brattiness.

In June of 2017, on Twitter, P!nk confirmed she is making her next studio album, and later, hinted at an upcoming release. A picture was then posted onto her Instagram page, captioned, previewing the lead single, “What About Us,” released on August 10 with the title track, following in late September. It was surprising when P!nk was handed the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards last August. The only memorable music videos of hers, I could think of is the music video for “Get The Party Started,” which as has the 2000’s written all over it and her music video for “So What” which has her looking like an alcoholic version of the mom from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. With an award like this on her shoulder, there was a lot of anticipation for this new album. On October 13, Beautiful Trauma was finally released.

An attribute about P!nk albums, is they sound fresh and well-known. The only difference is, each progresses and adapts to the current mainstream sound. The opening title track, shares similar factors to previous P!nk singles, “Just Give Me a Reason,” featuring Nate Ruess from Fun. in 2013, and “Try” in 2012 – each about trying to maintain an ending relationship. At some points, “Beautiful Trauma” is mature – with lyrics like “The pill I keep taking, the nightmare I’m waking, there’s nothing, no nothing, nothing but you” and then later imitating Fergie – with the lyrics “My perfect rock bottom, my beautiful trauma, my love, my love, my drug.” With the change-up of her vocals and awkward lyrics, it’s really hard to her seriously. “Revenge” is one of the more anticipated songs because it features Eminem. However, that’s the problem. The song becomes awkward and odd, when Eminem’s rapping is overshadowed by P!nk’s and he sings instead of rapping “So when you’re driving, drivin’ to his house and you pass me, while I’m drivin’ to hers, just remember, you cheated on me first, you’re a whore…” Nonetheless, It’s one of those hard-hitting catchy pop singles, P!nk is known for releasing every few years. With P!nk’s raspy and husky vocals, “Whatever You Want” is practically a sister track to P!nk’s 2006 song, “Who Knew.” The lead single, “What About Us” sounds more like the old Katy Perry, than P!nk, and the only attraction here, is the instrumental – with the hard hitting drums and dance floor synths creating a contrasting effect with the lyrics. After the more pop-oriented song, P!nk becomes grim. “But We Lost It” and “Barbies” are melancholy and more intimate. “Where We Go” and “For Now,” sound politically driven, especially with lyrics “This world we know, it takes our bodies, not our souls, it takes us high and leaves us low, but they honestly never imagined we’d get this far.” They sound as if, P!nk is resisting against the current presidency. “Secrets” returns to the original pop flavor, with an exotic dance beat, but with very repetitive lyrics, having you wonder how long you will have to hear P!nk sing the lyrics, “Everybody’s got a secret.” at the end. “Better Life” is an improvement, but it doesn’t like P!nk. “I Am Here” is a gospel touch, that seems a bit out-of-place, but resonates – showing how much P!nk is still a pop goddess. The last two songs, “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” and “You Get My Love” are very similar songs – with an exquisite transitioning from one to the other, displaying P!nk’s elegant vocal ranges on the closing lyrics “You get my love baby…” repeating over and over. This shows how much P!nk wants to hold onto to this failing relationship, portrayed throughout the album.

The thing with P!nk is, she can release basically the same song every few years and somehow, hooks you to it. Nearly 20 years into her career, P!nk seems eternal.


Classic Tracks – “What About Us,” “Revenge,” “Whatever You Want,” “But We Lost It” and “Where We Go”

Ehh – “For Now,” “Secrets” and “I Am Here” 

You can listen to P!nk’s Beautiful Trauma here.