isavedabirdMr. Peter Frampton came alive and brought a wind of change with his surprising new single, “I Saved a Bird Today”. This all came from an experience Frampton had with a bird a while back, that crashed into his window. By the cause of that, the bird knocked itself out. Frampton noticed this and with his efforts in saving the helpless animal- it influenced him to write a ravishing new song about simply- compassion.

Throughout the song, you hear Frampton refer to this bird as “her” – making it sound like one of his classic ballads. At the beginning, Frampton’s tone is similar to an oldie but goodie, “Lines on My Face”. He delivers a melodic acoustic guitar solo halfway through the song and right before this, he plays a few what is known as “George Harrison chords”. Peter Frampton stated, “‘To care for one another is the reason we are here’- this lyric sums up the song for me.” On his website, he also stated:  “I’m really happy this song is now being made available to all! For me it’s time to revisit our basic reasons for being here. It’s caring for others, peace, love, and speaking the truth.”

“I Saved a Bird Today” is available as a freestanding single on iTunes and various media players. Listen here