spoon HT

On Tuesday, Spoon shared the lead single and opening title track for their forthcoming ninth studio album Hot Thoughts, out March 17 via Matador Records. It marks the band’s return to the indie label since their 1996 debut album Telephono. It will be produced again by the sonic maestro, David Fridmann, best known for his psychedelic stylings that turned the Flaming Lips and MGMT into festival headliners. He also produced the band’s last album They Want My Soul.

Fridmann’s style is certainly all over this new track and shows the band moving in a more sonically experimental direction. The layers of  strings along with the cool synths and minimal beats have never been heard on a past Spoon release, but blend well their familiar rock style. The chorus sticks to the ear, but lyrics like “Hot Thoughts melting my cool / Is it your motion signaling cues” points to frontman Britt Daniel’s classically sharp songwriting.

The most reliable rock band of the last 20 years are clearly showing signs of experimenting and an array of new colors, but “Hot Thoughts” also maintains the band’s immediate and addictive sound, especially with its groove and jagged guitar licks. The consistency continues.

The speculation of an upcoming Spoon release began last month when they shared a new song called “I Ain’t the One” featured in an episode of Shameless. A couple days later they teased a skull image on their social media and later debuted four new songs at a semi-secret gig in their hometown of Austin. 

Stream the new single below.

Tracklisting of Spoon’s Hot Thoughts

  1.       Hot Thoughts
  2.       Whisperi’lllistentohearit
  3.       Do I Have to Talk You Into to It
  4.       First Caress
  5.       Pink Up
  6.       Can I Sit Next to You
  7.       I Ain’t The One
  8.       Tear it Down
  9.       Shotgun
  10.      Us