Spoon’s Consistency Continues with New Track “Hot Thoughts”


spoon tyBack in December, on an episode of the Showtime series, Shameless, Spoon shared a scene of a new song titled “I Ain’t the One”. Two days later, the band uploaded an uncaptioned gloomy picture of a skull on their social media accounts. Then in the beginning of January, the band debuted four new songs at a semi-secret gig in their hometown of Austin, TX. Fans were confused and demanded answers. After many days of teasing, Spoon officially announced their ninth studio album, Hot Thoughts by virtue of Matador, will be released on March 17, 2017. It will be their first album released on the label since their debut album, Telephono (1996). It will be produced again by sonic maestro, David Fridmann, who previously worked on their 2014 album, They Want My Soul. At the beginning of this week, the band uploaded a full-length track titled “Hot Thoughts”.  


        On January 17, 2017, the band released the first single off their upcoming album, Hot Thoughts, simply titled, “Hot Thoughts”. It also included the new colorful cover of the album, depicting the same skull uploaded a month ago. The track is mainly a dance-rock styled song, blending Strokes-like riffs over simple beats flourishing under Britt Daniels’ modernized echoed vocals. He even throws in a  “Wooooo” and some intense John Lennon howls, something greatly admired about his style. The band is changing, but they have not yet lost their mojo. The consistency continues.

Stream the new song here

Track Listing of Spoon Hot Thoughts (2017)

  1.       Hot Thoughts
  2.       Whisperi’lllistentohearit
  3.       Do I Have to Talk You Into to It
  4.       First Caress
  5.       Pink Up
  6.       Can I Sit Next to You
  7.       I Ain’t The One
  8.       Tear it Down
  9.       Shotgun
  10.      Us


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